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  • Did you know?
    hoover vacuum cleaner ad

    The Sexist Past of Domestic Cleaning

    We’re not arguing that all is well in the world of gender relationships, but it’s refreshing to pause and reflect on how some things have changed for the better.

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    spring cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to throw open doors and windows, and cast off the damp and gloom of a Cape Town winter

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    Cigarette Smoke

    Getting Rid of the Smell of Cigarette Smoke

    In a household, the smell of cigarette smoke is one of the most invasive odours. Even if you’re a smoker, there’s nothing pleasant about getting home to a reek of cigarettes.

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    paint spilt paintbrush carpet

    How to Remove Paint Stains

    Although tedious and time consuming, removing paint stains from a carpet or upholstery is relatively easy. The trick is to remove the stain before it hardens and settles into the fibres.