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    Decorating Kids’ Rooms: 15 Legitimately Fun Ideas

    Decorating Kids’ Rooms: 15 Legitimately Fun Ideas
    August 16, 2019 Gnu World
    kids room

    Creating a fun environment for your kids is a great way of expressing how you feel about them.

    By adding decals, paint, decorative items and playground equipment, you can transform a standard bedroom into a delightfully decorated amusement zone.

    Here are 15 fun decorating ideas that’ll enchant and entertain kids, and add fun for their parents too.

    Swing, baby, swing


    Source: Deskgram

    Kids love to swing, so why not install a homemade swing in the bedroom? An old car tyre that’s been given a slap of paint, or a slat of sanded and varnished wood, suspended from the ceiling will keep your kids active, and out of mischief, for hours on end.

    Wonder wall

    wonder wall

    Source: Etsy

    The best way to brighten up a kid’s room is to add a few DIY paper wall flowers and other fun shapes to large, blank spaces. They’re easy to make, but if time is an issue, brightly coloured removable stickers can be as effective.

    Climb to the top

    A climbing wall is beneficial to children in so many ways. It increases strength, endurance and flexibility. It also enhances hand-to-eye coordination, and encourages problem solving and decision making. It’s a cost-effective method of keeping kids smart, agile and active.

    Pretty paint job

    paint job

    Source: Sudaak

    You don’t have to be an artist to paint the things kiddies love on the walls of their bedrooms. With the use of a brightly coloured paint palette, and a few templates downloaded from the internet, it’s easy to transform a room into a themed wonderland.

    Monkey business

    monkey business

    Source: Kickstarter

    Adding monkey bars to a room improves a child’s balance, motor skills, and upper body strength. Bars can be bolted against the wall, or installed overhead, giving hours of active entertainment your kids and their buddies.

    Slip sliding away

    Why not use a homemade slide to link the top bunk bed to the floor? It’s a fun way of getting your little one up, and out of bed.

    Lego wall

    lego wall

    Source: Pinterest

    Who doesn’t love Lego? It’s an awesome learning tool that teaches kids patience, organisational skills, lateral thinking and improved concentration. Apart from keeping all the pieces in one safe place, a Lego wall is a never-ending construction site for junior plus one.

    Starry, starry night

    starry night

    Source: AJ Wallpaper

    A great way of maximising space is to use the ceiling as a blank canvas. Create a colourful out of space theme a little guy can gaze at, as he falls asleep. You can use themed wall paper or DIY with a little help from stencils of stars and planets and a midnight blue background.

    Sneaker shelves

    sneaker shelves

    Source: Wikihow

    Here’s a fun way of storing kiddie’s shoes – in an old wooden palette, repurposed as rustic sneaker shelving for junior’s room!

    Tee-pee hideaway


    Source: Etsy

    Kids of all ages need a bit of privacy now and again. Where better to dream of faraway places, and to hide away from siblings, friends and mummy and daddy, than in a snug little tee-pee?

    Hanging buckets for toys


    Source: DIY & Crafts

    For most young kids, buckets evoke images of days on the beach, making sand castles with friends. Why not bring the beach into the bedroom, and organise the toys at the same time?

    Suspension seating

    Hammocks, plastic pods, and other forms of suspended seating, offer kids an enjoyable way of relaxing and chilling out – with or without their BFFs!

    Chalkboard wall

    All kids love scribbling – in books, on paper and on the wall. Make it easy for them by creating an entire wall they can scribble on, using blackboard paint, wall paper or a framed blackboard. Parents can use it too for those important little reminders relating to homework, playgroups and household chores!

    Softball hoop

    softball hoop kids room

    Source: Ruggy DIY

    It’s important to encourage your little ones to play sports from an early age. Attach a hoop on the side of the bunk bed, or above the door, and invest in a few soft balls. With enough practice and training, your youngster could become the next Shaquille O’Neal!

    Wall gallery

    Show off your kid’s original art works on a dedicated space on the wall. It’ll provide a bright and breezy splash of colour in the room, and make them proud too. If a formal look is what you’re after, you can shop around for decorative pieces that match your child’s personality, and hang them in gallery form.

    No matter how creative you make the room of your little ones, it’s certain to get into a mess in no time. When you need it, call on the professionals to get everything clean, healthy and hygienic!

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