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    Guide to Child-Proofing Your Home in Cape Town

    Guide to Child-Proofing Your Home in Cape Town
    May 24, 2023 Gnu World
    child-proofing your home

    Child-proofing your home in Cape Town doesn’t have to be expensive and not all the recommended steps have to be taken immediately.

    It will be some time before a baby becomes a mobile toddler. That said, implementing as many safety measures as possible before you have your hands full is a good idea.

    DIY child-proofing solutions

    For cash-strapped Cape Town parents, it isn’t always necessary to spend on commercial baby-proofing products.

    There are easy ways to protect your little one from everyday hazards using nothing more than ingenuity and a few household items.

    Slip-in slip-out stairway block

    A large piece of chip board, covered in plastic or fabric, is a safe and cost-effective way to create a gate that blocks off the stairs. Slip between rails at the bottom and top.

    child proof

    Source: Maison de Pax

    Custom door handle covers

    A simple lidded container can be transformed into a “door lock without a key”. Cut a star-shaped hole in the plastic lid, with straight lines cut a quarter of the way down to each corner.

    Ease the lid over the doorknob. Secure the lid and container back together again. Choose a container with a tight-fitting lid.

    child proof

    Source: Pinterest

    Barricade the bookcase

    Bicycle inner tubes are ideal for keeping books where they should be – securely stacked in the bookcase. All you have to do is slip a tube over both the books and bookcase… but only on the shelves your toddler can reach.

    child proof

    Source: Instructables

    Slide-secure vertical drawers

    To secure vertical drawers, slide an iron slat or sturdy piece of wood through the handles. If you have a tension rod, so much the better.

    child proof

    Source: Pinterest

    Rubberised door locking deterrent

    Looping a rubber band into the figure 8, stretching it tightly across a door’s lock mechanism, and snapping each side of the band over a handle is a great way to prevent youngsters from getting locked in or out.

    child proof

    Source: Revolar

    Easy hacks for sharp edges

    Sharp edges and corners on tables, dressers and shelves can be dangerous, especially for little ones learning to walk.

    Cut a pool noodle lengthwise and apply it to all the danger areas for a quick, easy and effective baby bumper. They can quickly be removed when visitors come.

    child proof

    Source: Miss Information

    Tape up electrical outlets

    Babies are inquisitive. If they’re not popping things in their mouths, they’re poking chubby little fingers into nooks and crannies.

    Electrical outlets pose a serious danger. Cover them firmly with insulation tape to prevent a disaster. Ensure a toddler can’t pull it off.

    child proof

    Source: Pinterest

    Some businesses that offer child-proofing products in Cape Town

    There are lots of child-proofing products on the market. Here are a few places to find what you might need:

    A simple Google search for “pool covers Cape Town” yields details of several companies that offer child-safe pool covers.

    Ensuring your swimming pool is covered is a mandatory requirement when there are youngsters around.

    Baby- and toddler-proofing checklist

    Here’s a checklist of the elements in the home that need to be considered.

    Living areas

    • Remove all glass and breakable objects.
    • Cover sharp edges.
    • Erect a fireplace barrier.
    • Avoid the use of bar heaters.
    • Tape up, or cover, all plug points.
    • Ensure large appliances and heavy furnishings are secured to the wall.
    • Attach electrical cords to the skirting boards or tie them up when not in use.


    • Store all medication out of reach or in a locked cabinet.
    • Remove open razors and razor blades.
    • Lock the toilet seat.


    • Ensure windows are secure and tightly shut.
    • Remove blinds with cords.
    • Add a stopper to the door.


    • Store sharp utensils and small appliances out of reach.
    • Install locking mechanisms on cabinets and cupboards.
    • Unplug appliances and secure electrical cords.
    • Keep shelves and surfaces clear.


    • Invest in a pool cover or fence.
    • Fence in the property and keep gates locked.
    • Remove toxic or prickly plants from the garden.
    • Enclose the deck or patio.
    • Store chemicals and gardening tools in a lockable tool shed.
    • Keep pets in a separate area of the garden.
    • Remove heavy objects.
    • Fill in or fence off fish ponds.

    How Chelsea Cleaning can help with baby-proofing in Cape Town

    At Chelsea Cleaning, we don’t offer child-proofing services or specialist advice – but we do assist with professional deep cleaning of mattresses (including baby mattresses), carpets, curtains and upholstery.

    Contact us for more information or a quotation and we’ll be happy to help.

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