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    Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas Effectively?

    Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas Effectively?
    February 17, 2023 Gnu World
    does carpet cleaning kill fleas

    Routine vacuuming can help reduce a population of fleas in a home – but it doesn’t effectively remove all fleas or kill the eggs and larvae they leave behind.

    A German university study confirmed that vacuuming removes only about 5% of flea larvae.

    So does deep carpet cleaning kill fleas? The answer depends on the cleaning method.

    In this article we cover:

    It takes heat to kill flea eggs and larvae

    It takes high heat to effectively kill flea eggs and larvae and end the breeding lifecycle. Only cleaning methods that reach a certain temperature will ensure that you’ve eliminated all traces of flea eggs or larvae embedded in the carpet.

    Domestic steam cleaners that are used for windows and curtains are unlikely to work because they don’t reach a high enough temperature.

    Steam cleaning or a professional hot water extraction cleaning method – like the one we use at Chelsea Cleaning – is more effective.

    What temperature will kill fleas and flea eggs?

    All life stages – the fleas, the eggs and the larvae – die off once a temperature of 38°C is reached.

    Advantages of professional carpet cleaning for killing fleas

    Professional carpet cleaning is the best option for getting rid of fleas.

    With either a steam-based or hot water extraction method, the cleaning process gets right through carpet fibres to reach every nook and cranny where a flea might be hiding. These methods also use heat, which helps eliminate fleas and their offspring.

    In the case of flea infestation, it’s important to follow a methodical approach, not just cleaning carpets but targeting all areas where fleas could be hiding.

    A methodical approach for killing fleas

    Pets, bedding, upholstery and clothing can all carry flea eggs and larvae.

    To tackle a flea infestation in the home, it’s recommended that you use this approach:

    1. Treat any pets for fleas. These treatments last many weeks and prevent re-infestation.
    2. Wash all clothes and bedding that might be infested using a hot wash (40°C).
    3. Have carpets and other soft furnishings deep cleaned using a high-heat method.

    Should I have carpets cleaned after fumigating?

    No. Fumigation deposits poison in the carpets that kills off the flea population. If you deep clean carpeting after fumigation, the poison residue will be removed and the fumigation won’t be as effective.

    That said, fumigation is a potentially harmful method for getting rid of fleas. It’s best as a last resort.

    By contrast, hot water extraction cleaning doesn’t use harmful chemicals. It’s ideal for eliminating a flea problem before it reaches the point where fumigation is needed.

    At Chelsea Cleaning, our deep carpet cleaning kills fleas and other pests, and leaves carpets clean and fresh. We also offer professional cleaning of mattresses, curtains and upholstery. Contact us for more information or a quote and we’ll be happy to help.

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