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    Curtain Cleaning

    We offer professional, affordable cleaning and rehanging of curtains in Cape Town.

    Curtains are exposed to frequent sunlight, temperature extremes and damp. They also attract mould spores, pollen and the usual accumulation of dust and dirt that’s inevitable in a household.

    Rather than struggling with the laborious, time-consuming job of cleaning curtains yourself, contact us and our professional, uniformed staff will take down, clean and re-hang your curtains for you. We also clean ornate pelmets, valances, swags and tails in situ.

    If you wish to remove your curtains yourself, we can collect and deliver. We also offer a drop-off service at our premises in Wynberg.

    Curtain cleaning process


    curtain pegs

    To begin, we remove all hooks and rods and treat stains with an appropriate stain remover.


    removing broken curtain hooks

    Curtains are sorted for wet or dry cleaning.


    industrial drying

    Curtains with potentially water-sensitive fabrics are cleaned in a dry cleaning machine with perc solvent.


    dry cleaning

    Washable curtains are cleaned using a cold wash, rinsed and spun. To prevent shrinkage, they’re then hung up to air dry, rather than being tumbled dried.


    steam cleaning

    Whether curtains are dry-cleaned or machine washed, we then carefully steam out any creases, fold the curtains and pack them in plastic tubing.


    hanging up clean curtains

    Finally, we hook the curtains and rehang them for you.