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    How to Measure for Curtains (and What Size Ready-Made Curtains to Buy)

    How to Measure for Curtains (and What Size Ready-Made Curtains to Buy)
    September 15, 2020 Gnu World
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    Curtains can transform a room, so it’s important to know how to measure for curtains so they fit properly and make the best statement.

    Here’s how to do it  – and what size ready-made curtains to buy.

    Calculating measurements for custom curtains

    First of all, decide if you want the curtain rod mounted inside or above the window frame.

    Inside mounting looks minimal and modern but the curtains won’t block out light as well as curtains mounted above the frame.

    Curtain rod measurements

    Inside the frame

    If you’ve chosen inside-mounted curtains, the rod should measure the same length as the width of the window recess.

    The installation of an expandable rod, with protective edges, is recommended for an optimal fit.

    Above the frame

    For a rod above the frame, allow 15 cm on either side of the window.

    The ideal position of a curtain rod is 15 cm to 20 cm above the window frame.

    Measuring width and length for curtain installations

    Curtain width

    Depending on the look you’re aiming for, the curtain width should be around one and a half to three times the width of the window.

    Fuller drapes require more fabric.

    Curtain length

    The length varies according to the desired drop of the curtain.

    Take the measurement from the middle of the curtain rod to:

    • above-sill drops – 1 cm above the windowsill
    • below-sill drops – 15 cm below the sill
    • floor-length drops – 1 cm above the floor.

    Measurements vary according to the type of fabric you choose.

    Online curtain and fabric calculators are helpful.

    If custom-made curtains are out of your price range, choose ready-made curtains instead.

    How to size ready-made curtains

    Ready-made curtains are cost-effective and come in a range of standard sizes.

    The width of the curtains should be twice the length of the pole.

    Standard widths per curtain:

    • 117 cm
    • 167 cm
    • 229 cm
    • 330 cm.

    Standard lengths:

    • 137 cm
    • 182 cm
    • 229 cm
    • 274 cm.

    As an example, a window is 125 cm wide and has a drop of 100 cm.

    When calculating the measurements for the curtaining:

    • add 15 cm x 2 to the width
    • add 15 cm to 20 cm to the drop (depending on the position of the curtain rod above the window frame).

    The correct curtain measurements are 155 cm wide and 115 cm to 120 cm in length.

    In this instance, the appropriately sized curtains are 167 cm in width by 137 cm in length, unless you want a longer drop.

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