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Persian and Oriental Rugs

We offer expert cleaning of sensitive Persian and oriental rugs.

Today the terms “Persian ” and “oriental ” are often used interchangeably when describing carpets. Strictly speaking, however, Persian rugs come from Iran (formerly Persia), whereas oriental rugs come from anywhere in the East.

Oriental rugs are either pile- or flat-woven. They’re usually made from sheep’s wool, but are sometimes woven from silk, cotton or a combination of these with wool. Silk pile carpets are usually exceptionally fine and are more delicate than woollen carpets. Cotton is more durable than wool, and more resistant to shrinkage.

Our processes are designed to restore these rugs without putting them at risk of shrinkage, fading or other damage.

Cleaning Oriental rugs

Chelsea Cleaning specialises in cleaning sensitive carpets and loose rugs, including Persian and other oriental rugs.


Our cleaning process starts with the removal of loose dirt.


Next we treat any stains with an appropriate stain remover and clean the rug with a special, non-residue carpet cleaner, scientifically formulated for safe use on your carpet type.


Depending on whether the rug is made of wool, cotton, silk or synthetic fibres, it will then be spot-cleaned, washed by hand or immersed in a wash pond.


Finally, we place the carpet in a centrifuge or, again depending on the type of its fibres, allow it to air-dry.