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    Magic Carpets in Art, From the 1800s to Now

    Magic Carpets in Art, From the 1800s to Now
    August 11, 2017 Gnu World
    magic carpets in art viktor vasnetsov

    It’s not certain when or where the first magic carpet story appeared. What is clear is that across cultures, magic carpets have timeless appeal.

    They appear in Middle Eastern stories like One Thousand and One Nights (also known as Arabian Nights), in Slavic folk stories about Baba Yaga and, of course, in all manner of modern children’s stories, from Tony Abbott’s The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet to Aladdin.

    But it’s not only in literature that magic carpets appear. They’ve also been depicted in artworks through the ages.

    A gallery of our favourite magic carpet images

    one thousand and one nights

    A depiction of a scene from One Thousand and One Nights on a 19th-Century Ottoman manuscript from Istanbul, Turkey.


    the flying carpet viktor vasnetsov

    The Flying Carpet, an oil on canvas by Russian painter, Viktor Vasnetsov, 1880.


    russian fedoskino miniature

    A traditional Russian Fedoskino miniature, painted by Frolova on a lacquer box. It depicts a scene from the fairy-tale Ivan Tsarevich and the Firebird.


    mother of pearl russian lacquer box

    Magic Flying Carpet, another Russian lacquer box, hand painted and with mother of pearl.


    arabian nights illustration soper

    Illustration for The Arabian Nights, by Soper (1900).


    magic carpet bertha lum

    Magic Carpet by US artist, Bertha Lum, 1912. Lum is known for her Asian-inspired woodblock prints.


    the magic carpet 1001 nights

    The magic carpet in 1001 Nights.


    the magic carpet from arabian nights

    Illustration for The Magic Carpet from Arabian Nights, 1934.


    the magic carpet ivan yakovlevich bilibin

    Illustration for The Magic Carpet by Russian artist, Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin, 1935.


    the magic carpet fedoskino by sergey knyazev

    The Magic Carpet, a Fedoskino (miniature lacquer painting) by Sergey Knyazev.


    night on the magic carpet caroline urbania naeem

    Night On The Magic Carpet by California-based artist, Caroline Urbania Naeem.


    magic carpet rise rosa sepple

    Magic Carpet Ride, painted by UK artist, Rosa Sepple (born 1951), with brushes on cardboard.


    my flying carpet madhalsa manu

    My Flying Carpet by Spanish artist, Madhalsa Manu, known for her earthy, mystical images and mandalas. She also works in glass.


    searching for dragons tim and greg hildebrandt

    Illustration from Searching for Dragons, by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt.


    alibaba and the flying magic carpet anne anderson

    Ali-Baba and the Flying Magic Carpet by Anne Anderson.


    the flamingo and the flying carpet donna acheson

    The Flamingo and the Flying Carpet by Donna Acheson.


    collage mariano peccinetti

    An almost surreal collage by Argentine collage artist and musician, Mariano Peccinetti.


    magick carpet beth hoeckel

    Illustration from Magick Carpet, by multidisciplinary US artist, Beth Hoeckel.


    oil on paper ilya volykhine

    An oil on paper by contemporary Russian artist, Ilya Volykhine, 2014.


    the magic carpet anna shuttleworth

    Illustration for The Magic Carpet, by Bulgarian muralist and illustrator, Anna Shuttlewood.


    repairing the magic carpet alexandra khitrova

    Repairing Magic Flying Carpet, by Russian artist Alexandra Khitrova (who also calls herself GaudiBuendia), 2016.

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