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Loose Rug Cleaning

Chelsea Cleaning has over two decades experience in rug cleaning.

Are your loose rugs and carpets looking tired and dirty? This could be due to anything from high traffic to bad weather to repeated spills. Instead of replacing your current carpets, why not revitalise them?

Our friendly, trained and uniformed team will leave your loose rugs looking as good as the day you bought them.

We collect & deliver loose rugs promptly.

Cleaning woollen rugs and flokatis

We begin cleaning woollen rugs and flokatis by shaking them to remove loose dirt. Then we use the following process to ensure there’s no shrinkage or fading:


Treat each rug with a specialised stain remover (where necessary).


 Wash using cold borehole water that has been tested and safe to clean with and minimal agitation.


Rinse and then spin gently, just to remove excess water.


Hang the rug and allow it to air-dry.