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    Modern, Melting Carpets

    Modern, Melting Carpets
    October 9, 2017 Gnu World

    Hanging carpets that seem to melt off the wall, detailed rugs that suddenly transition to pixel art and 3D optical illusions are just some of the mind-boggling tricks that Faig Ahmed creates with his uniquely woven carpets.

    The work of Faig Ahmed

    faig ahmed modern melting carpets

    Using traditional Azerbaijan textiles, the artist has translated his fascination with textiles and patterns into reality-bending works of art that delight us with their perceived glitchy-ness, or that appear to be “melting”.

    “Patterns and ornaments can be found in all cultures, sometimes similar, sometimes very different. I consider them words and phrases that can be read and translated to a language we understand,” says Faig Ahmed, who began experimenting with carpet art when he was just 7 years old.

    Famous examples of Ahmed’s melting carpets

    Here are some of Faig Ahmed’s most iconic pieces from over the years.


    dna carpet faig ahmed


    faig ahmed liquid carpet


    singularity faig ahmed carpet art


    faig ahmed fuel carpet rug art

    Flood of Yellow Weight

    faig ahmed flood of yellow weight

    Tradition in Pixel

    tradition in pixel faig ahmed

    Wave Function

    wave function faig ahmed carpet art


    virgin faig ahmed carpet rug art

    Door of Doors

    door of doors faig ahmed carpet art


    destablisation faig ahmed


    simurg faig ahmed carpet rug art

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