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Fitted Carpet Cleaning

Chelsea Cleaning has over three decades experience in giving carpets a new lease on life.

Are your carpets looking the worse for wear? Daily activity in high traffic areas of your home can leave your carpets looking dull, stained and tired. However, that doesn’t mean you need to replace them.

Our team of experienced, secure, uniformed staff will make your carpets look as good as new, and we place special focus on heavy-traffic areas and stains.

Cleaning process

Chelsea Cleaning will use the cleaning process that will achieve the best results for your carpet type.


vacuuming a fitter carpet

Your carpet is vacuumed with our industrial power steam cleaning machine.


removing stain from carpet

Oil, grease, protein and alkaline stains are removed with a variety of stain removal products. Traffic Lane is used to clean high traffic areas.


carpet vacuum

Carpets are cleaned with a non-residue carpet cleaning formula.


vacuuming carpets

Carpets are vacuumed, then naturally air dried.