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    How to Protect Fitted Carpets in Winter

    How to Protect Fitted Carpets in Winter
    July 3, 2024 Gnu World
    protect fitted carpets in winter

    Winter in the Cape means rain. And that means wet pets, muddy shoes, damp clothing – all of which can turn carpets into a saturated mess.

    Here’s how to protect fitted carpets in winter with the minimum of fuss.

    Invest in a carpet protector

    Preserving a fitted carpet needn’t be a challenge nor a major chore. There’s a range of carpet protectors that are developed to achieve the objective.

    Spray-on and foam solutions such as Scotchgard repel liquid and prevent muddy water particles from binding with the carpet fibres and leaving permanent stains.

    They’re easy to apply and suitable for use on most fitted carpets. Depending on the level of foot traffic, protectant coatings are typically applied every six to 12 months.

    Clear vinyl PVC runners are another effective option. They’re waterproof, rot-proof and have non-slip striations on the top and carpet grips on the bottom.

    The heavy-duty flexible vinyl is ideal for high-traffic areas and stairs. It’s easy to clean and can be rolled up and stored away during the summer months.

    Carpet protectors are readily available from South African hardware stores and online marketplaces.

    Restrict activity

    People naturally spend more time indoors in bad weather, so it’s a good idea to take proactive measures to protect carpeting from spills and damage.

    For example, protect wall-to-wall carpeting by covering it with a mat. Protect loose carpets by rolling them up.

    It’s not unreasonable to restrict eating, drinking and craft activities to areas away from carpeting or covered by protective mats or runners.

    Designate a “dirty door” or mud room

    Designate just one entrance to your home. Ideally, you’ll want to lead your kids and pets from the damp outdoors directly into a pantry, laundry, garage or any room with a tiled floor.

    This type of space is sometimes referred to as a mud room, or a boot room.

    That’s the area where muddy boots and coats can come off, umbrellas can rest and paws can be wiped before entry to the rest of the home.

    Choose somewhere that’s easy to clean and light on furniture. If you have a dog, anything will be in the line of fire when your furry friend vigorously shakes off the wet.

    If you’ve got a covered patio, that’s first prize. Ask the kids to remove their drenched clothing and dirty shoes under cover, before tip-toeing across the carpet in their socks.

    Alternatively, the area just inside the designated “dirty door” will suffice.

    Use bristled mats and washable rugs

    Create a runway of hard bristled mats leading to the designated door. Train everyone to wipe their feet before they enter the house.

    Place a cheap, washable rug on the inside to absorb any leftover dirt and moisture.

    Opt for a shoe-free home

    Consider implementing a shoe-free rule for all family members. It’s one that can be adopted all-year round.

    In parts of the world, it’s standard practice and saves hours of mopping, vacuuming and cleaning soiled carpets and floors.

    Shop paw wear

    Depending on your dog’s size and disposition, it may be an option to invest in canine footwear. You’ll find dog boots, dog socks with non-slip soles and even zip-up shoes.

    Once your dog is ready to come indoors, remove the boots or shoes and hang them up to dry. In addition to keeping your carpets clean, paw wear can protect your pet’s pads from the cold and wet. Not all dogs will take to the idea.

    For children, a wire rack for storing winter boots upside down is a good investment. The rack can be positioned just inside the designated dirty door.

    Corral your pets

    When paw wear is out of the question and you can’t figure out how to protect fitted carpets in winter, consider cordoning off an area around the door so your pet can’t run into the house before you’ve wiped its paws.

    Clean up outside

    Often, dirt and debris that’s collected on front steps or porches gets tramped inside. Keep these areas neatly swept.

    Aim to keep your garden tidy. Fallen leaves, grass clippings and mud can easily get blown into or in front of doorways.

    Warm up through regular vacuuming

    In winter, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are important. These steps can help prevent stains from setting and pollutants from becoming ingrained in carpet fibres.

    Get carpeting professionally deep-cleaned

    Our final advice on how to protect fitted carpets in winter is to give us a call! We recommend deep-cleaning carpeting at least once during the Cape’s winter season.

    Expert deep-cleaning of carpets helps remove mould spores, pet dander, fleas, bacteria and more, along with tracked in dirt. During the cooler months, it can make home environments brighter, fresher and more comfortable.

    Contact us if we can assist with expert cleaning of your fitted carpets (or loose rugs, curtains and mattresses). We’ll be happy to help.

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