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Cleaning services in the Atlantic Seaboard

Chelsea Cleaning has over two decades of experience in providing cleaning services to the Atlantic Seaboard.

Whether you’re based in Green Point, Camps Bay, Hout Bay, or anywhere in-between, our friendly, trained and uniformed team takes pride in offering you the following services:

Curtain cleaning process


To begin, we remove all hooks and rods and treat stains with an appropriate stain remover.


Next, the cleaning method we use depends on the fabric from which the curtains are made.


Curtains with potentially water-sensitive fabrics are cleaned in a dry cleaning machine with perc solvent.


Other curtains are cleaned in an industrial washing machine, using a cold wash to prevent shrinking or discolouration. The curtains are then rinsed and spun in our industrial dryer. We hang the curtains and allow them to air dry.


Whether curtains are dry-cleaned or machine washed, we then carefully steam out any creases, fold the curtains and pack them in plastic tubing.


Finally, we hook the curtains and rehang them for you.