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    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in the Cape

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in the Cape
    May 24, 2023 Gnu World
    hot water extraction carpet cleaning

    Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is an effective method of deep cleaning fitted carpets that is safe for most carpets and doesn’t pose any health risks.

    Chelsea Cleaning offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning in the Cape, including the greater Cape Town area and the Helderberg.

    What is hot water extraction cleaning?

    Hot water extraction cleaning uses a combination of hot water and detergent at high pressure to clean carpets. This method penetrates deep into the carpet fibres to remove stubborn dirt using high pressure.

    The dirt is then extracted along with most of the water with a powerful suction.

    The detergent used is a mild but effective solution that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. The process of hot water extraction is relatively fast compared to older methods. It doesn’t saturate carpets unnecessarily.

    How does a hot water extraction system differ from steam cleaning?

    The main difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the temperature of the water.

    Steam cleaning uses water that is hot enough for there to be steam present. Hot water extraction doesn’t need the water to be boiling, only hot enough to break down the dirt.

    Steam cleaning doesn’t use a detergent to clean. It relies on the heat of the steam to remove marks or stains.

    Hot water extraction uses a mild detergent to clean deep into the fibres.

    Benefits of hot water extraction for carpet cleaning

    Compared to other methods, such as shampooing, dry cleaning and steam cleaning, hot water extraction offers many benefits. These benefits are why hot water extraction is becoming the preferred carpet cleaning method for many professional cleaning companies.


    Some people consider steam cleaning to be more eco-friendly because it uses plain water. However, with an eco-friendly detergent, hot water extraction is just as green and much more effective.

    Deep cleaning

    Hot water extraction gets right down to the base of the fibres to remove unwanted dirt. Some other methods only clean the top layers.

    Better results

    The use of an effective detergent that doesn’t leave a residue makes hot water extraction a better option than plain steam cleaning.

    Easy to dry

    Some carpet cleaning methods introduce too much water to the fibres. Hot water extraction removes most of the water, which makes the drying period much shorter.

    Relatively gentle

    For sensitive carpet fibres, hot water extraction is a gentler option compared to the high heat of steam cleaning or the scrubbing action of a shampooing machine.

    Is hot water extraction better than steam cleaning for carpets?

    This depends on the end goal and what’s being cleaned.

    Steam cleaning is very effective for sanitising because of the extremely high temperatures, but it might not be as effective for cleaning.

    Such high temperatures aren’t necessary for a thorough clean and they can be bad for the carpet. Very high temperatures can set stains permanently instead of removing them.

    Steam isn’t necessary for killing fleas and bedbugs. You only need a temperature of 38° Celsius to kill fleas.

    How long does it take carpet to dry after hot water extraction cleaning?

    The drying time ranges from 10 hours to 24 depending on how much air flow is moving through the room.

    The air temperature and humidity will also affect the drying time. Certain times of the year are better for carpet cleaning than others.

    Carpets should only be damp to the touch after cleaning, so opening windows and putting on fans expedite the drying process.

    Professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning from Chelsea Cleaning

    We offer professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning in the greater Cape Town area and surrounds, including the Southern Peninsula, Helderberg and the West Coast. We also offer deep cleaning of mattresses, curtains and upholstery.

    Contact us for more information or a quotation and we’ll be happy to help.

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