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Roman Blinds Cleaning in Cape Town

We take the hassle out of keeping your Roman blinds clean.

Roman blinds, fabric blinds that draw up into pleats, are heavy and unwieldy to work with at home. Before cleaning Roman blinds it can be necessary to remove the cords, unpick the lining of the blinds and remove dowels which are sewn into the lining. The appropriate cleaning and drying methods also depend on the fabric type.

So rather than attempting to clean your Roman blinds at home, call us and we’ll handle the process for you.

Please note that we don’t handle cleaning of other types of blinds, such as aluminium, wooden or roller blinds.

Roman blinds leaning process


remove rods

Our expert team will start by removing all strings and rods from the blinds. We’ll then treat any stains.


dry cleaning

Then, depending on the fabric, your Roman blinds will either be cleaned in a dry cleaning machine with perc solvent or by hand.


ironing curtains

We’ll then dry the blinds and steam out creases, carefully refit and replace broken rods and re-string the blinds.


industrial drying

The clean blinds will then be carefully folded and packed in plastic tubing.


rehang blinds

Finally, we’ll rehang your Roman blinds.