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    Ways to Keep Cats from Damaging Your Window Blinds

    Ways to Keep Cats from Damaging Your Window Blinds
    February 18, 2020 Gnu World
    cats damaging blinds

    Cat owners know the havoc their feline friends can cause in the home – pot plants knocked over, books pushed off shelves, sofas clawed, curtains shredded…

    Window blinds aren’t safe either. We show you six ways to keep your cat from damaging your window blinds.

    cat climbing through blinds

    Solution 1: Raise the blinds

    Cats get tangled in blinds because they want to look out of the window or sit on the windowsill. Navigating the slatted barrier is not easy.

    Keep the blinds slightly raised so there’s a gap for your cat to sit in and see the outside world.

    Leave the gap open or cover it with light curtaining, which your cat can easily push aside.

    cat looking out window

    Solution 2: Create a barrier

    A barrier to prevent your cat from getting onto the windowsill can work, but it has to be strong and high or the cat will jump over it.

    Alternatively, the barrier can be kitty-inclusive like the one pictured.

    cat in cubby

    Source: Window Kitty

    Solution 3: Keep cords out of reach

    A dangling cord is far too tempting for kitty to resist and it poses an entanglement and strangulation risk.

    Keep cords off the floor and wrap them around a cleat.


    Solution 4: Training or deterrents

    You can attempt to train your cat to stay away from blinds by using a deterrent spray such as citrus.

    Don’t hit or shout at your cat. Your pet will simply be afraid of you.

    Solution 5: Get a different blind

    Plastic or aluminium slatted blinds are flexible and easy to break. If your cat keeps getting entangled or bending the slats, consider switching to a different style of blind.

    The best blinds for cats

    These blinds are not cat-proof but they’re less prone to breaking, bending and entanglement.

    Vertical blinds

    vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds swing from a central point at the top and can be easily pushed aside by your cat.

    Your cat can walk between the louvres with little risk of entanglement because they’re only loosely attached at the bottom.

    Roller shades

    roller shades

    Roller shades are a solid sheet of fabric that rolls up and down on a spindle making entanglement very unlikely.

    Roller shades that are made from a tough fabric like canvas are more resistant to clawing.

    Wooden and plastic Venetian blinds

    venetian blinds

    Venetian blinds have wide, solid slats, particularly the wooden blinds.

    A cat can’t bend them or fit between the slats because they aren’t very flexible.



    Modern shutters, which can double as security bars, are cat-proof, while still providing a window covering that opens and closes. They’re usually made from metal and are inflexible, making damage and entanglement impossible.

    At Chelsea Cleaning, we can’t cat-proof your blinds but we do know how to clean them – expertly and at a reasonable price. Contact us for more information or a quotation and we’ll be happy to help.

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