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    Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace It?

    Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace It?
    March 20, 2023 Gnu World
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    Once carpeting starts to look grubby, it can be hard to decide whether professional deep-cleaning will be enough to save it.

    Many of us find ourselves wondering – should I clean my carpet or replace it and get a new one?

    We offer some insights. In this article, we cover:

    What professional carpet cleaning can do

    Professional carpet cleaning can significantly improve the appearance of your carpet, even when heavily soiled or marked from extended use.

    Deep cleaning gets rid of deeply ingrained dirt and fluffs up the fibres to make the carpet look less worn and old.

    It removes the majority of superficial stains and marks. The heat of a deep clean also eliminates dust mites, fleas and flea eggs, and kills pathogens like bacteria.

    Should I clean my carpet or replace it? What to consider

    Before you decide between having a carpet deep cleaned or replacing it, consider the value of the existing carpet and how much it would cost to replace.

    You should think about how the carpet gets used. If a new carpet is going to be in a bad state within a year because of pets and children, hold off replacing it until later.

    A professional deep clean is comparatively cheap and can make a big difference to a carpet’s appearance, even if it doesn’t return it to like-new condition.

    It’s worth trying to save a carpet, even if the staining is extensive. The carpet will at least be clean and stubborn stains can be hidden by moving the furniture around.

    Physical damage to a carpet is another story, however. Even the deepest clean can’t repair unfixable damage.

    Types of damage that carpet cleaners probably can’t fix

    Physical damage and really big or permanent stains can’t be fixed with a deep clean. For example, bare patches can develop in high traffic areas where fibres are worn away.

    Sometimes, wrinkles develop from extensive vacuuming and foot traffic. This happens when the carpet separates from the underlay.

    Also, burns can’t be removed with professional cleaning. Very big spills such as a pot of paint tipping over aren’t likely to be solved by professional carpet cleaning either.

    Situations when you should replace carpeting

    In some scenarios, it’s essential to remove and replace a carpet to avoid permeating smells and even health risks.

    If your house floods and the carpets get saturated through all layers for an extended period, you’ll need to replace the carpet.

    If an old carpet has a lot of mould for an extended period, it can damage and corrode the carpet fibres making them unsalvageable.

    Stubborn smells that refuse to be budged with deep cleaning or odour removers usually spell the end for a carpet.

    Carpets that are excessively stained by something biological, such as pet urine, should be replaced because they can easily start harbouring mould and mildew, making them a health risk.

    How often to have carpets professionally cleaned

    Fitted carpets should be professionally deep cleaned at least once a year to keep them looking their best. If you have children or pets, it might need to be done every six months.

    Chelsea Cleaning has been offering carpet cleaning services for decades. Our experienced team can deep clean your carpets with a minimal amount of disruption and the best possible results.

    If you’re wondering, should I clean my carpet or replace it, let us come and take a look. We can advise you on the best course of action and give your carpet a deep clean if suitable.

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