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    Carpet Cleaning for Airbnbs in Cape Town

    Carpet Cleaning for Airbnbs in Cape Town
    February 17, 2023 Gnu World
    carpet cleaning for airbnbs

    Chelsea Cleaning offers deep upholstery, mattress and carpet cleaning for Airbnbs in Cape Town.

    Scheduling a periodic deep clean in between routine cleaning is essential for maintaining an Airbnb.

    It helps achieve the hotel-standard cleanliness that guests expect. It also extends the lifespan of furniture, curtains and carpets.

    Why add deep cleaning to routine Airbnb cleaning schedules?

    Regular routine cleaning can’t prevent carpets, mattresses and upholstery from getting grubby and impregnated with nasty odours.

    Professional hot-water extraction methods deep clean and sanitise materials and fabrics. This is in line with Airbnb’s recommended 5-step cleaning process.

    The steam used in hot-water extraction eradicates mould spores, flea eggs, house dust mites and other pests that routine cleaning doesn’t.

    With sporadic deep cleaning as part of the regular routine, ingrained dirt, stains, bacteria and odours are eliminated, leaving your Airbnb clean and fresh.

    How often to schedule deep cleaning for an Airbnb?

    Deep cleaning of carpets and mattresses is recommended every three months; curtains and sofas, every six months.

    Schedules may have to be scaled up depending on factors, such as:

    • occupancy levels
    • efficacy of routine daily or weekly cleaning methods
    • location near the coast or where pollution levels are high
    • type and colour of fabric
    • environmental conditions (dry and dusty or wet and damp).

    Carpet cleaning for Airbnbs in Cape Town with Chelsea Cleaning

    Chelsea Cleaning has been operating for more than 35 years.

    We use only the best cleaning materials, equipment and methods to deliver optimal results for homes and businesses in the greater Cape Town and Helderberg areas.

    Fitted carpets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised via an intensive four-step process:

    1. high-strength vacuum with a steam extraction machine
    2. dedicated stain removal
    3. deep, penetrative clean with a non-residue formula
    4. final vacuum.

    In addition, we offer a loose rug cleaning service. Processes are adapted to the rug material and conducted at our factory in Wynberg.

    Rug collections and drop-offs are part of the service.

    Our upholstery and mattress cleaning methods

    Our upholstery and mattress cleaning methods rely on the penetration, power and heat of hot water extraction to kill and extract pests, and disinfect fabric materials.

    We vacuum before and after we clean to lift and remove dirt. Badly soiled areas are cleaned by hand with state-of-the-art stain removal agents and emulsion cleaners.

    All cleaned items are left to air dry, before being re-hung, re-positioned or replaced by the Chelsea Cleaning team.

    Do you need deep carpet cleaning for an Airbnb in Cape Town? Contact us at Chelsea Cleaning for more information or a quotation, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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