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    How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet

    How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet
    March 8, 2018 Gnu World
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    Have you accidently spilt paint on your rug or carpet? There’s no denying that a paint spill can be disastrous for a carpet – but don’t give up. Follow our guide to removing paint from a carpet or get our professional help and it’s possible your carpet can be rescued.

    How to remove water-based paint stains from a carpet

    A spill of water-based paint is, of course, better than a spill of an oil-based or enamel paint, which may be impossible to remove.

    Even with a water-based paint, your chance of success will depend on factors like how much paint was spilt, the type of carpet involved and how fast you act.


    Blot the wet paint

    The best time to remove paint from a carpet is while the paint is still wet. Simply blot the paint with a wet paper towel, working inwards from the edges of the stain. Don’t scrub the stain – this will push the paint further down into the carpet, making it harder to remove.


    Soften the dried paint

    If the paint stain has dried, the process becomes a bit trickier. Use hot water with a tad of dish detergent. Let the solution sit for a few minutes on the stain to soften the paint.


    Scrape the stain away

    After the paint has softened, use a sharp tool (like a knife) to scrape the stain. As you scrape, continue to add more of your solution.


    Steam the paint stain

    If your stubborn paint stain is not softening, consider using a handheld steamer while you scrape. This process will eventually help remove the paint stain from the carpet.

    Still no luck? It’s worth handing over to us at Chelsea Cleaning. We have the professional carpet cleaning formulae and expertise to tackle most types of stains. With a paint stain, there’s still no guarantee of a perfect result, but an expert approach is your best bet.

    How to remove latex paint from a carpet

    The great thing about latex paint is that it is water soluble, so even if it has dried after sitting for a few days, it’s comparatively easy to remove.


    Blot the wet paint

    If the paint is slightly wet, blot the stain with absorbent kitchen towel to remove as much wet paint as possible.



    Scrape off as much of the dried paint as you can with a knife.


    Saturate the dried paint

    Saturate dried latex paint by mixing a cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of detergent.  Let it sit on the dried stain for a few minutes.


    Blot away the stain

    Once the paint has softened, gently blot the stained area by working from the outside of the stain to the inside.



    Let the area dry completely after blotting away the paint stain and then vacuum up any residue.

    Professional carpet cleaning

    Sometimes, trying to get paint out of a carpet yourself can result in further damage to the carpet.

    Our professional carpet cleaners use advanced stain removal products and industrial cleaners, along with many years of experience, to remove the toughest of stains. They can’t guarantee miracles – but depending on the damage done, can restore carpets to the best possible condition.

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