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    6 Tips for Making Your Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

    6 Tips for Making Your Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer
    March 16, 2020 Gnu World
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    Investing in a decent vacuum cleaner can involve a sizable outlay so you want to keep it in good working order for as long as possible.

    Follow these six tips to make your vacuum cleaner last longer.

    Tip 1: Check and change the filters

    The filters in your vacuum cleaner can get clogged quickly, especially if you have pets. Remove the filters regularly and brush or dust them out.

    If the filters are washable, wash them thoroughly once a month.

    Replace the filters if they’re worn, damaged or won’t come clean anymore.

    Tip 2: Change or clean the bag frequently

    Don’t let the bag or dirt canister in your vacuum get overly full.

    Check it each time you use the vacuum cleaner and empty it when it’s getting close to full.

    Disposable bags should be thrown away. If you have a fabric bag or canister, wash it often and allow it to dry completely before putting it back.

    Tip 3: Check for hose blockages

    If your vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt or it appears to have lost its suction power, check for blockages.

    Even a small blockage can affect your vacuum cleaner’s performance and may strain the motor.

    Remove the hose and, where possible, take the sections apart to check they’re clear.

    Check the head for blockages as well as the section where the hose connects to the body. Tangled hair sometimes gets caught in these bends.

    Tip 4: General care

    The outer casing of the vacuum cleaner should be kept clean.

    Most vacuum cleaners can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

    Never bend or compress the hose when storing your vacuum cleaner and don’t lift the body by the hose.

    Keep the cord retracted or coiled neatly on the supplied hooks when not in use.

    Tip 5: Inspect the cord for damage

    Inspect the electrical cord for damage regularly.

    Damage can be caused by general wear and tear or by the wheels of the vacuum running over the cord as you move around a room.

    Be gentle when pulling out the cord. Excessive force can damage the electrical connection.

    When retracting it, make sure the plug doesn’t hit the vacuum’s casing.

    Tip 6: Clean the roller brush

    If your vacuum cleaner has a roller brush and belt, check them periodically.

    The roller brush turns as the vacuum cleaner operates so hair and threads can get wrapped up in it. Cut them loose with scissors.

    The belt turns the roller, so check it for wear and cracks. Eventually, a replacement belt may be required.

    Deep cleaning for carpets

    Regular vacuuming will get rid of loose dirt and pet hair but all fitted carpets need periodic deep cleaning to remove ingrained dirt and stains.

    Most people don’t have the equipment to deep clean carpets and try to do it with a bucket and sponge. This results in a saturated carpet and a sore back.

    Professional carpet cleaners are designed to remove all dirt and debris from the pile without using excessive water or harsh detergents.

    Carpet cleaning equipment also removes all the water as it goes, so there’s no risk of damp carpets that may start to smell or rot.

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