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    7 Common Carpet-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

    7 Common Carpet-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
    July 21, 2021 Gnu World
    carpet cleaning mistakes

    Regular vacuuming keeps fitted carpets looking good most of the time. Every so often, they need to be cleaned.

    If you’re cleaning a carpet yourself, avoid these common carpet-cleaning mistakes.

    1. Getting the carpet too wet

    carpet cleaning mistakes oversaturating

    Oversaturating a carpet makes the underfelt wet. It may never dry properly, leading to mould and rot. Getting the top fibres overly wet can also be damaging, especially for natural fibres like wool. This can lead to discolouration.

    What to do instead

    Use a well wrung-out cloth or sponge to clean carpets. If there’s water dripping from your cloth or sponge, it’s too wet. If you accidentally get the carpet too wet, blot the area with a dry towel or paper towel.

    2. Scrubbing instead of blotting

    carpet cleaning mistakes scrubbing

    Scrubbing carpet fibres can cause damage, especially if you use hard-bristled brushes. If scrubbing untwists the fibres, the carpet may fray. Scrubbing can also push dirt deeper into the fibres. This will make the carpet even harder to clean.

    What to do instead

    Marks on fitted carpets should be blotted using a cloth or sponge. Gentle rubbing should be fine. If the mark still won’t lift, don’t be tempted to scrub. Call in the professionals. Also, don’t use a colourful cloth or it might transfer colour.

    3. Using the wrong carpet cleaner

    carpet cleaning mistakes carpet cleaner

    The incorrect cleaning solution can cause irreversible damage to your carpet. For example, some carpet cleaners are only suitable for synthetic carpets; others are designed for natural fibres.

    What to do instead

    Make sure you know the type of carpet you have and find the cleaning solution that suits its fibres. If you’re unsure, try to find a mild, all-purpose carpet cleaner, but do thorough research beforehand.

    4. Not doing a spot test

    carpet cleaning mistakes not spot testing

    It’s essential to do a spot test, especially if you’re cleaning a new carpet or using a new cleaning solution. It’s better to spoil a tiny patch than to ruin the entire carpet. The wrong solution can cause bleaching and fibre loss.

    What to do instead

    Test the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Try it on a hidden patch of carpet under the sofa or behind a door. Give it a few hours to see if any discolouration or damage occurs before cleaning the entire carpet.

    5. Overusing carpet deodoriser

    carpet cleaning mistakes deodoriser

    Try not to overuse carpet deodorisers. Overuse can lead to build-up over time that will leave your carpets tacky and looking dull. Carpet deodorisers come in powders and sprays, but use either sparingly.

    What to do instead

    A properly cleaned carpet shouldn’t need a deodoriser. It might need an odour neutraliser for smells like pet urine, but these should also be used sparingly. Make sure you use a non-toxic neutraliser.

    6. Using faulty carpet-cleaning equipment

    carpet cleaning mistakes bad equipment

    Hiring carpet-cleaning equipment isn’t always ideal, especially when you don’t know what you’re hiring. Using cheap or faulty carpet-cleaning equipment can lead to patchiness, poor results and fibre damage.

    What to do instead

    Ideally, leave carpet-cleaning machines to professionals. If you decide to hire one, use a reputable company with good reviews. Ask to be shown how to use the equipment.

    7. Not hiring a professional when necessary

    carpet cleaning mistakes not hiring professionals

    We understand the urge to save money, but if your carpet needs a deep clean, it’s best to hire a professional carpet-cleaning service. Neglecting to have your carpets cleaned for years will eventually ruin your carpets through ingrained dirt and flattened fibres.

    What do instead

    Fitted carpets should be deep cleaned once a year, especially if you have pets or children. Find a trusted carpet cleaner in your area so you don’t have to pay unnecessary travel costs.

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