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    7 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

    7 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun
    February 9, 2016 Gnu World

    Most of us lack motivation when it comes to cleaning – not only is it physically taxing and time-consuming, but it can also be an absolute bore. However, with the new year in full swing, why not shake things up and make cleaning as fun as possible with these simple tips?

    Play music

    play music while cleaning

    If you haven’t already tried listening to music while cleaning, put on some up-beat tunes and dance your way through your cleaning routine. Listening to music while cleaning makes the process less monotonous, can improve your general mood and makes the time pass more quickly.

    You can also keep yourself entertained by tuning into your favourite radio talk-show, playing an episode of a series that you enjoy in the background or even by chatting to a friend on the phone or on Skype as you clean.

    Get the kids involved

    cleaning with children

    If you’ve got kids, roping them in to help can make cleaning not just quicker, but more fun too.

    Try to make a game out of each chore – for example, use water-guns filled with cleaning agent to wash windows, see who can tidy a room the fastest, tie wet cloths around your feet and skate the floor clean or see who can throw the most items of clothing into the hamper without missing.

    Divide and conquer

    break time

    If you’re planning to clean multiple rooms in one session, allow yourself a short break after finishing each area of the house. Take 10 to 15 minutes to read a few pages of a novel, watch a video, chat with a friend on the phone or enjoy a snack. Just don’t make the breaks too long, or you might never get back to the housework!

    Reward yourself

    cake reward

    You can make cleaning feel like less of a chore by rewarding yourself for completing tasks. Hopefully you’ll be more motivated to scrub the bath if you know that a chocolate or a pretty manicure awaits.

    Enlist the help of a friend

    friend help

    Cleaning can be boring and time-consuming when done alone. One good idea is to get a friend to help – you can both work on both your homes.

    Try to divide up the tasks so that each of you is clear on which aspects of the cleaning you are responsible for. Also try to organise the session so that you avoid getting in each other’s way. Once the job is done, reward yourselves with a treat for all of your hard work.

    Re-invigorate the room

    moving around furniture

    As you clean a room, consider rearranging the furniture to give the space a fresh look and feel. Swap items between rooms to change things up or put some clever storage tricks into use to eliminate clutter.

    You can also add small touches – some newly framed photos, a couple of new cushions or a few scented candles – to make the room more inviting. Being creative in these ways makes the process of cleaning more rewarding.

    Schedule regular, professional deep cleaning

    professional cleaning Chelsea Cleaning

    Routine cleaning is much easier and more satisfying if you periodically have your soft furnishings, carpets and curtains professionally deep-cleaned. This means you’ll have a fresh starting point, and you’ll spend less time on deep stains and grime.

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