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    How to Cat-Proof a Couch (Is This Even Possible?)

    How to Cat-Proof a Couch (Is This Even Possible?)
    December 7, 2021 Gnu World
    cat-proof your couch

    You may think it’s impossible to cat-proof a couch.

    A cat in scratch or spray mode can destroy your furniture, but there are steps you can take to discourage scratching and minimise the damage to your couch.

    Why cats scratch

    Cats claw, shred and back-pedal their way up and down the length of your couch because they’re programmed to do it. It’s instinct. Cats are simply doing what cats do – flexing and stretching their muscles and shedding old and worn claw sheaths.

    Also, it’s a feline’s way of saying “what’s yours is mine”. The scratches are a mark of shared territory.

    Ways to protect your couch from claw marks

    You can’t stop a cat from exercising its instinct, but you can re-direct its attention with a few well-placed scratching posts.

    The posts should be placed close to where kitty likes to play, sleep and chill out. Remember to reinforce positive behaviour with cuddles and treats.

    There are ways to protect the couch and repel future advances. Invest in plastic covers, apply double-sided tape to the danger zones and spray furniture with a solution of equal parts lemon juice, white wine vinegar, eucalyptus and rosemary.

    Tricks for removing fur from furniture

    Cat fur is soft, fluffy and full of static, so it clings to upholstery fabric. Vacuuming is only effective up to a point. More creative removal methods are required.

    A damp microfibre cloth or rubber glove can loosen and lift hair that’s worked into the fibres. Once lifted, dab the area with masking tape or a lint roller to remove the hair.

    What to do if a cat is spraying your couch

    Cats, particularly unneutered toms, tend to spray furniture and other items around the house.

    The urine leaves nasty stains and a pungent, unpleasant odour. Instead of using chemical products to clean and deodorise the soiled area, use diluted vinegar and baking soda.

    Relaxed, stress-free cats are less likely to spray. Help your cat chill by installing a pheromone plug-in calming diffuser or self-grooming device.

    Best couch choices for cat owners

    It’s the upholstery fabric that’s attractive to cats. Textured fabrics are easier for claws to sink into and they’re hard to get sprays, soils and fur out of.

    Choose a couch upholstered in leather, velvet or microfibre. The materials are easy to clean and tightly woven, so your cat will have difficulty inserting its claws and holding on.

    Chelsea Cleaning

    At Chelsea Cleaning, we can’t cat-proof your couch, but we can clean it – expertly and at a reasonable price. Contact us for more information or a quotation and we’ll be happy to help.