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    Printable Cleaning Schedule Templates: A Way to Make Household Cleaning Manageable

    Printable Cleaning Schedule Templates: A Way to Make Household Cleaning Manageable
    March 18, 2021 Gnu World
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    Most of us lead pretty hectic lives with full-time jobs, commuting, cooking and kids or pets taking up most of our time. This can make cleaning seem like an insurmountable task sometimes, especially when some chores have been avoided for a while.

    Why create a cleaning schedule

    Schedules can make most tasks more manageable, especially ongoing ones like cleaning. Creating a cleaning schedule can make it easier to keep on top of cleaning and it can also help you keep track of cleaning tasks that often get overlooked or delayed.

    Creating a daily, weekly and monthly schedule makes the never-ending job of cleaning seem less overwhelming. Not to mention, a schedule also helps ensure other household members do their assigned tasks without the typical “I forgot” excuses.

    Tips for creating a cleaning schedule you can stick to

    If you’re going to create a cleaning schedule, you have to make it work for you otherwise it will just become frustrating and unhelpful. Cleaning schedule templates can help, but ultimately you know your house and cleaning habits the best, so you’ll need to tailor it to suit your approach.

    Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you create your schedule:

    • Do you prefer to clean every day for a shorter amount of time? Or every few days for a longer amount of time?
    • Which tasks are non-negotiable everyday tasks (for example, dishes)?
    • How frequently do you want to do certain tasks such as stripping beds and mopping floors? Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?
    • Which jobs do you prefer to do yourself and which are you happy to assign to someone else?
    • Do you prefer a strict schedule or a flexible schedule?
    • Do you want to do weekly tasks during the week before/after work or on the weekend?
    • How often during the year do you want to tackle deep cleaning tasks?

    Examples of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules

    How you set up your cleaning schedule will depend on the size of your house, the number of household members and how often each task needs to be done. Here is an example of a cleaning schedule with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks to get you started.

    Daily and weekly cleaning schedule

    Here is a sample of a daily and weekly cleaning schedule based on our downloadable template to get you started.

    Monthly and yearly cleaning schedule

    This is a monthly and yearly cleaning schedule example using our template. There may be some monthly items that cover all the yearly tasks too, but just in case, we’ve created a space for yearly tasks as well.

    Printable cleaning schedule templates

    Our templates are simple, blank tables with spaces that you can use to create your own basic cleaning schedule. Download our free printable cleaning schedule templates below:

    Here’s a tip: Instead of printing out a page for each week, save paper by just printing one or two and having them laminated. Now you can write on them with a whiteboard marker and then wipe them clean for the next week.

    When to call in the pros

    It’s satisfying to clean your own home but some tasks are best left to a professional cleaning company. At Chelsea Cleaning, we recommend annual or biannual professional deep cleaning for the following items:

    Deep cleaning these items can extend their life, keep them looking and smelling great, and even prevent allergies. We have well over 30 years of experience in deep cleaning soft furnishings for our clients in the greater Cape Town area.

    Contact us to find out more about our cleaning services or to get a cleaning quote.

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