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    Before and After Professional Carpet Cleaning: Useful Steps to Take

    Before and After Professional Carpet Cleaning: Useful Steps to Take
    December 7, 2021 Gnu World
    professional carpet cleaning

    The professional carpet cleaning process is straightforward and shouldn’t result in much disruption. There are a few steps you can take to help it go as smoothly as possible.

    Although not essential, these suggestions will give you peace of mind on the day and ensure the best results.

    Useful steps to take before your carpets are cleaned

    Follow these steps to prepare your home before the carpets are professionally cleaned.

    Relocate delicate items

    We take extra care to ensure there’s no damage to your home. However, if you’re concerned about delicate or treasured items being knocked or broken, put them in another room for safekeeping.

    Make sure pets are kept away

    Keep pets out of the room during the cleaning process. They can track dirt onto wet carpets and may be scared of the noise and disruption.

    Remove clutter

    Remove all shoes, toys or loose items from the area to be cleaned before the team arrives. This will help the process happen quickly and smoothly.

    Make a note of problem areas

    Have a look at your carpet once all the items are removed and make a note of any areas you’d like extra attention paid to. Heavy foot traffic areas, for example, may need extra attention.

    Keep a parking space open for the cleaning team

    We understand it’s not always possible, but it’s helpful if there’s a parking spot nearby for the cleaning team’s van. This means we can get in and out quickly and offload our equipment more easily.

    Useful steps to take after your carpets are cleaned

    After the cleaning is completed, these steps will ensure the job lasts longer and the carpets aren’t damaged.

    Ensure plenty of ventilation

    The carpets will be damp after cleaning, so ensure there’s good ventilation for thorough drying. Avoid opening exterior doors if there’s a wind that can blow dirt and debris onto the freshly cleaned carpets.

    Avoid heavy foot traffic

    Try not to walk on the carpet while it’s still damp. Let other household members know not to walk through the area for a few hours.

    Keep pets away

    Continue to keep your pets away from the area until you’re sure the carpets are completely dry. Paws might track dust and dirt into the damp carpet.

    Don’t place any heavy furniture back

    Wait until the carpet is completely dry before any heavy furniture items are placed back. Even slight dampness can lead to deep indentations in the carpet fibres from heavy furniture.

    Professional carpet cleaning with Chelsea Cleaning

    Chelsea Cleaning has been offering professional carpet cleaning services for decades. We handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t need to move furniture or vacuum the carpet before we arrive.

    Our tips will help the cleaning process go quicker, so we don’t have to be in your way any longer than necessary.

    Contact us at Chelsea Cleaning for professional, affordable cleaning of upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains and mattresses, in and around Cape Town.

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