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    How to Fix Carpet Indentations

    How to Fix Carpet Indentations
    January 13, 2022 Gnu World
    carpet indentations

    When heavy items of furniture stand in one place for too long, they can create deep indentations in carpets. Fortunately, there are ways to help carpet fibres recover to minimise or erase indentations.

    Easy ways to fix carpet indentations

    These techniques should work well on most carpets. However, if the damaged area has a bald patch, only an expert patch will fix it.

    For squashed carpet fibres, try these techniques to revive them.

    The steam technique

    The steam technique uses a hot iron to steam the indentations away. Avoid this technique if your carpet is sensitive to high heat.

    Step 1
    Place a damp dishtowel or hand towel over the indentation.

    Step 2
    Run a medium heat iron over the towel to create steam that will penetrate the carpet and lift the indentation. Do this for no more than one minute.

    Step 3
    Fluff up the area with a soft brush or vacuum to help the fibres lift to their original height.

    The ice technique

    The ice technique uses cold water to help lift the fibres in the dented area. Avoid this technique if your carpet is sensitive to water.

    Step 1
    Place an ice cube on the indentation and allow it to melt. The water will slowly lift the fibres until they match the surrounding carpet. Use more than one ice cube for larger indentations.

    Step 2
    Once melted, soak up any excess water but don’t dry the area completely.

    Step 3
    Use a spoon to gently lift the carpet fibres until the indentation is gone. Allow to dry normally without blotting or you’ll squash the carpet fibres again.

    The warm air technique

    This technique uses gentle, warm hair from a hairdryer to lift the carpet fibres. It is gentle enough for most carpets.

    Step 1
    Spritz the indentation with plain water but don’t over soak the fibres.

    Step 2
    Use a medium-heat hairdryer to blow-dry the damp area.

    Step 3
    As the carpet fibres dry, fluff them up gently with your fingers until the indentation is gone.

    Preventing carpet indentations

    As always, prevention is better than cure. To prevent carpet indentations in the first place, move heavy furniture items around often to give the carpet a break.

    Consider replacing pointed feet with bigger feet that distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly.

    Use carpet coasters or carpet scraps beneath the furniture legs to spread the weight of the furniture.

    Professional carpet cleaning can help. Periodic carpet cleaning can lift the fibres and revitalise the whole carpet.

    Professional carpet cleaning with Chelsea Cleaning

    Chelsea Cleaning has extensive experience cleaning fitted carpets and rugs. We recommend deep cleaning carpets at least once a year to revive the fibres and to help fix carpet indentations.

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