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    • Did you know?
      getting rid of mould.jpg

      How to Treat Surface Mould in the Home

      At Chelsea Cleaning, we can help rid your home of the mouldy smell that so often follows a damp Cape winter by professionally cleaning your curtains, mattresses, carpets and rugs – all of which can harbour mould spores.

    • Carpet cleaning
      flower carpet from above

      The Incredible 2016 Flower Carpet

      A spectacular floral display – a carpet created using 600 000 tuberous begonia flowers, as well as dahlias, various different grasses and dyed bark – was constructed outside of the Grand Palace in Brussels, Belgium to mark 150 years of good relations between Belgium and Japan.

    • Blinds
      History of Roman Blinds

      History of Roman Blinds

      Roman blinds – the type of fabric blinds that draw up into pleats – are a popular alternative to curtains.