Mattress Cleaning

mattressChelsea Cleaning offers professional mattress cleaning in Cape Town and the Helderberg. Sleep easy, knowing that you and your family aren’t being exposed to dust mites, bacteria and other pollutants.

How we clean mattresses

Chelsea Cleaning’s process for cleaning mattresses involves:

  • high-power vacuuming
  • use of industry-leading stain removal formulas and emulsion cleaners to treat soiled areas
  • a steam clean that uses hot water extraction
  • a final vacuum
  • air drying.

Why have your mattresses cleaned?

We spend roughly eight hours out of every day of our lives on a mattress – but unlike our clothing or even carpets or curtains, mattresses tend to get overlooked when it comes to cleanliness.

Over time, shed skin cells, dander from pets, dust and pollen work their way into a mattress. In turn, the mattress becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites, which feed especially on discarded skin cells. In addition, mould thrives in mattresses, especially in warm climates like the one we have in South Africa.

When your mattress is dirty, mite excrement, dust, mould spores and other organisms are blown up in a cloud whenever you toss or turn, or sit on the bed. A simple bed sheet isn’t enough to prevent these microscopic organisms from making it to your nose, eyes and mouth.

For millions of people, exposure to these pollutants causes allergies or makes their existing allergies worse. It can also provoke asthma attacks.

Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions, the thought of being exposed to these pollutants when you sleep is far from appealing.

How often to have your mattress cleaned

The recommended guideline is to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year. If you have pets or small children, it’s a good idea to clean your mattresses more often.

In between, you can help keep mites, dust and other pollutants at bay through regular vacuuming, although ensure you use a vacuum with a filter.

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